Hopes & Dreams 

A story of mundane suburbia.

We trace the day to day existence of Marion, trapped with Douglas, in a stagnant long-term relationship, blunted by routine and of boredom in extremis, who resorts to alcohol and prescription drugs to numb the pain of her reality. An assortment of characters, past and present, benign and malevolent, colourful and plain, inhabit the periphery of the couple’s existence, who influence and, at times, wreak havoc on their emotional states.

Marion and Douglas are strangers living under the one roof with little in common, lamenting the lack of meaningful and satisfying lives, lost opportunities and unfulfilled dreams. Lives that are haunted and held captive by inertia; a festering of emotion that must inevitably unravel under the pressure and torment of time.


Edinburgh Fringe Festival
The Space on the Mile – Space 2

Production Team
Writer/Producer: Bernie Maxwell
Director/Technical: Peter Fordham
Dramaturg: Romina Tappi

Marion: Romina Tappi
Douglas: Benie Maxwell
Court Reporter: Aaron Grugan

Bruce Doughert, Sue Fordham, Lorraine Maxwell and Peter Fordham.