The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, tells the story of a village that becomes embroiled in a witch hunt. The people of Salem live in a constant state of fear as more and more people are accused of witchcraft.

A talented local cast come together for the GRAPA 2022 production, staged at the breathtaking Piccolo Family Farm’s Cellar Door & Vistitor Experience Centre. Tickets are now on sale – so pick your night and join us for an unforgettable show.

  • Thursday 10 November
  • Friday 11 November
  • Saturday 12 November
  • Thursday 17 November
  • Saturday 19 November

All shows start at 6:30pm. Food, drink and entertainment will be available at each show.


John Proctor – Michael Lee (Understudy – Matthew Anderson)
Abigail Williams – Ukaipo Mann
Reverend Hale – Oumi Karenga-Hewitt (Understudy – Jet Smith)
Elizabeth Proctor – Katherine Innes (Understudy – Lara Calabria)
Reverend Samuel Parris – David Baxter
Mary Warren – Hailey Jackson (Understudy – Ella Burns)
Tituba – Chelsea Clark
Thomas Putnam – Bernie Maxwell
Ann Putnam – Marie-Louise Bortolazzo
Francis Nurse – Dolf Murwood
Rebecca Nurse – Glenda Bagatella
Giles Corey – Phil Clarke
Martha Corey – Melanie Toscan
Deputy-Governor Danforth – Aaron Grugan
Judge Hawthorn – Bruno Musitano
Ezekiel Cheever – Matthew Anderson
John Willard – Dylan Harmer
Hopkins – Jet Smith
Betty Parris – Laura Weppler
Mercy Lewis – Sabrina Maimone
Susanna Walcott – Claire McCloskey
Sarah Good – Stephanie Downing

Female Ensemble – Ella Burns, Hannah Mitchell, Laiza Anaya, Portia Marks

Male Swing – James Walsh
Female Swing – Stephanie Downing

Production Team

Director: James Walsh
Producer & Assistant Director: Oumi Karenga-Hewitt
Production & Venue Manager, Lighting Design: Bonnie Owen
Costume Design & Props: Jessica Wainwright
Graphic Design & Photography: Melanie Toscan
Production Coordinator: Matt Ingles 
Stage Management Support: Phil Clarke 
Technical Team: Peter Fordham & Bruce Doherty 
Finances: Bernie Maxwell 
Hair & Makeup: Mel Toscan and Hailey Jackson

The Crucible is supported by Western Riverina Arts and the
NSW Government through Create NSW.