Perhaps, our approach to Midsummer has been inspired by characters themselves. It started with Hermia’s boldness – could we take a chance on our passion and pull off an outcome worthy of the commitment?

Sometimes we needed Bottom’s confidence, Snug’s courage to ‘give it a go’ and overcome our doubts, Helena’s persistence, and the feminine fierceness of Titania from our two directors.

The collaboration of our ensemble reminded us that, like Philostrate, no duty is too small to be taken lightly, and just like Moth’s devotion to detail, it is often the smaller and unseen details that matter the most. Like Puck, we never passed up an opportunity to have fun, and had faith in knowing that no matter how much of a mess we are in – all you need is a little bit of magic.

To our audience, we welcome you. To our supporters, sponsors and investors, we thank you. You all gift us with the chance to play, love, and create, and renew the beauty of the Bard. To engage the passions and talents of a community in such a way makes us incandescently happy.

To our cast and crew – take pains, be perfect!


Bonnie Owen & Katherine Innes
Director / Assistant Director